Yehor Soboliev: Submitting of declarations is only the first step. Now it is important to explain the origin of the property

The problem of the Ukrainian state is not its judges, prosecutors or law enforcement officers. MP from the Samopomich Union faction, Yehor Soboliev, says that declarations have proved there are two centres of corruption in modern Ukraine – the parliament and the president.

“Submission of declarations over the Internet is only the first step in terms of fulfilling our responsibilities. Now, a much more important step is to explain the origin of this property. I urge those who haven’t worked a day in business, who have never worked anywhere but in politics, to be the first to come to the Anti-Corruption Bureau and provide explanations as for how come they possess millions of dollars in cash, luxury houses and all the other fabulous things mentioned in the declarations,” says Yehor Soboliev.

Addressing to the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, MP stressed the need to pass the law that would make it impossible to elect as deputies and president those who cannot explain the origin of their property.

In addition, the MP says, this winter the parliament should adopt a law on an Anti-Corruption Court, which will pass sentences upon corrupt officials.

Summing up, Yehor Soboliev notes, “All those who for years have been pretending they cared about the poor while enriching on their own should leave voluntarily.

I am sure the society will get rid of you anyway.”


Yehor Sobolev
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