Yehor Soboliev: The Parliament did not find enough votes to appoint a highly professional auditor for the NABU

Today, in the parliament there was a second attempt to appoint an auditor for the National Anti-Corruption Bureau. During the rating voting, the majority of votes were given to Oleksandra Yanovska, a Ukrainian lawyer recommended by the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union. According to Yehor Soboliev, her candidacy was actively promoted by the Petro Poroshenko Bloc faction.

“We, for our part, recommended the parliament to choose Carlos Castresana – the legend of the world anti-corruption fight. He headed an international tribunal that put half of the parliament, the president, and many top officials of Guatemala, where corruption devoured the country, behind bars. The second person we recommended was Martha Borsch – an American lawyer who represented the prosecution in the trial against Pavlo Lazarenko,” notes Yehor Soboliev and adds that although, unfortunately, there were not enough votes in the parliament to appointing these highly professional people, fortunately, there were not enough votes to appoint some dependent local auditor either.

“Now it is very important for the Speaker of the parliament to withstand the pressure, which, I am sure, will be exercised on him, and not to put this issue to vote again,” the deputy concludes.

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