Yehor Soboliev: We need to think about how to protect ourselves from the Putin’s cultural special forces

Today the Verkhovna Rada failed to pass the legislative initiative #4303 which among other things provides for an obligation for every Russian touring star prior to their touring in Ukraine to declare that they condemn Russian occupation of the Crimea. “Samopomich” Union faction supported the document and encourages citizens to ask the deputies who did not support the initiative why they did not vote for it. This was stated by “Samopomich” MP Yehor Soboliev.
“Such bills reveal Putin’s political henchmen. I think during the war everybody should understand that Putin has his military special forces – GRU units, FSB – he has hybrid special forces, such as Girkin, and finally there are also cultural special forces. Promotion of the “Russian world” by means of popular culture, in fact, has been a very dangerous weapon of this regime. Obviously, we need to think about how to protect ourselves from these special forces,” Yehor Soboliev believes.
The lawmaker notes that the legislation does not apply to the guest performers who have previously declared their position of not supporting the Russian aggression against Ukraine.
“But if people say, “We are apolitical, so we do not care that our soldiers are killing your soldiers, we just want your money”, then this cannot be accepted in time of war,” summarizes Yehor Soboliev.

Yehor Sobolev
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