Yehor Soboliev: We need new legislation on the defence budget

On Tuesday, July 4, at a meeting of the Anti-Corruption Committee of the Parliament, information on the procurement of communications for the Armed Forces was heard .

Yehor Soboliev, chairman of the Committee and Samopomich MP, informs that now there are two companies competing for the right to provide such a connection.

Reporting on the results of the hearings the lawmaker states, “What have we agreed upon? Now radio stations of both manufacturers have to get into separate units, where they will not only be tested in field conditions, but also used by soldiers. An examination will be made on the basis of this. I asked to involve the members of our Committee and the parliament in this process so that we could have complete information.”

However, the MP is convinced that the problem should be solved comprehensively – we need to change the entire approach to the formation of the defence budget. “The most important thing – and we have talked about this with the generals – is that we need new legislation on the defence budget. Presently the defence budget is formed following the Soviet principle – everything is classified, and this facilitates corruption.

Back last year we spoke with the Defence Committee that new legislation was needed – the one like in the United States. This state is very successful at the battlefield; at the same time at the website one can find almost all the information about what was purchased and how much it cost. The budget is also formed openly.

I think this is a very powerful model for us, and we need to create legislation that will allow us to eliminate corruption through transparency.

Soviet secrecy results in nothing more than outright corruption. We must put an end to this,” Yehor Soboliev emphasizes.

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