Yehor Soboliev: “Ukraine is going to have a huge battle with the President for the Anticorruption Court”

The information stating that the newly elected head of the State Bureau of Investigation, Roman Truba, had not passed the lustration check is commented upon by Samopomich MP, chairman of the Anti-Corruption Committee of the Verkhovna Rada Yehor Soboliev: “Appointing a person who has not passed a lustration check, who is said to have participated in the persecution of Euromaidan participants – which, according to the law, means that the person cannot hold any public office – as the head of such an important institution that will conduct all the investigation in Ukraine is just nonsense and pure arbitrariness.”
According to him, the same practice might be pursued by the authorities when creating the Anti-Corruption Court. “If there are no foreigners in the election commission, they will just let it all slide and whoever is favourable for the authorities will be chosen,” Yehor Soboliev emphasizes. “The president has been delaying it all for a year now. In this year, I think, he has enriched immensely. It is profitable for him to further delay the creation of real justice.”
“I will tell you what is going to happen. Once there will be very many people demanding creation of the court, the president will finally introduce a bill on the Anticorruption Court, but judges will be chosen not in a new way, but in the old way. There will be a huge battle because we want this court to be something much more than just a building with a beautiful name. We want it to be a place that will send perpetrators to jail and will confiscate the property of top corrupt officials. This is why we propose to create this court in the first place,” the deputy concludes.

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