Yehor Soboliev: We will undoubtedly achieve the adoption of all the decisions that will cleanse the state forever

During the protest outside the Verkhovna Rada, at which the activists are demanding a “Great Political Reform” from the parliament, MP from the Samopomich Union faction Yehor Soboliev emphasized the need to create an independent anti-corruption court:

“The main corruptionists of this state will go to jail. This is a civilized, peaceful, European choice, which we propose to them. Since the days of Yanukovych, the court is the main line of defense for them. It was in the court that Nasirov saved himself – he was released on bail, although even the British Embassy confirmed that he had a British passport. It was in the court that Okhendovskyi, who had been removed from his duties, saved himself, despite the fact that the Anti-Corruption Bureau and the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office accused him of taking money from the Party of Regions.

All the others get rescued in courts – Rozenblat, Martynenko, Poliakov. They know that the people in courts are just like them – they are part of a big corruption machine and they are going to carry out any corrupt orders.

That is why we proposed a decision to create an independent anti-corruption court. Our partners from the European Union and the United States should help us. Because we want to be sure we will have real judges – not judges like Chaus, who would hide money in his cottage house. We want these to be the judges that will be able to imprison deputies, ministers, any leaders – all those who think that after Euromaidan, during the war for Independence they can be enriched at the expense of people in the same way as Yanukovych did,” said the MP.

In addition, the MP also addressed President Poroshenko and other leaders of the state saying, “Be smarter than Yanukovych. Do not make people get rid of you; do not make yourself seek refuge with the enemy of Ukraine. Do not be like Yanukovych; be like people. Do not stand in the way of the society; this will be your good contribution to the Ukrainian state, for which you will be remembered.”

Addressing the protest participants, Yehor Soboliev noted that no one could ever stop the citizens of Ukraine who stood up for their freedom, their state, their dignity: “Today I see a lot of such citizens here. I was with them at Maidan, they have defended our independence at the front, they have been protecting our state in the rear.

I am sure that we will achieve adoption of all those decisions on which we insist and which will cleanse the state forever. Nobody can stop us. Nobody can intimidate us. We will definitely win – we said these words during Euromaidan many times. I think we will succeed with them in the future. Together towards the victory! Glory to Ukraine! And glory to her sons and daughters, who can never be stopped by anybody anywhere.”

We shall add that today at a rally outside the parliament, activists are demanding a “Great political reform” – abolition of MPs’ immunity, adoption of a new election law on a proportional basis with open lists, and formation of an independent anti-corruption court. Activists and representatives of Samopomich Union from all over the country have gathered in Kyiv in support of these demands.

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