Yehor Soboliev: Every citizen has the right to demand from the politicians to explain the origin of their property

The National Agency for the Corruption Prevention is doing everything to avoid inspection of corruption in the electronic declarations. This was stated by MP from the Samopomich Union faction, chairman of the Anti-Corruption Committee Yehor Soboliev.

The MP says, “Even the order of declaration verification, which they approved after a year of their work, allows not to verify declarations, including the top officials’ ones. I think we are going to have a special meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Preventing and Combating Corruption, at which together with the Agency we are going to discuss this problem and decide on how to overcome the sabotage of their work.”

At the same time, Yehor Soboliev reminds that in the situation with the declarations much depends on the citizens.

“Each of us has a legitimate right to demand from politicians, senior government officials to explain the origin of their property, without waiting for the work of anti-corruption bodies. I did that myself, it took little time. Anyone can go to the Tax Office and make public the documents explaining where you got the means specified in the declaration from. Those who don’t want to do this, have to resign. This is a normal democratic demand,” concludes the deputy.

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