Yehor Soboliev: The Prosecutor General who does not do his job must be dismissed

Samopomich deputy and chairman of the Anti-Corruption Committee of the Verkhovna Rada Yehor Soboliev continues collecting the signatures of parliamentarians under the document on the expression of no-confidence in the Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko.

The results of the latter’s work are described by Yehor Soboliev as follows, “The Prosecutor General was appointed a year ago. After a year of his being in office Viktor Yanukovych and Andriy Kliuyev are no longer wanted by Interpol, because the Prosecutor General’s Office has failed to provide evidence of their responsibility for the committed crimes. Dozens of “Berkut” employees and other people involved in shooting of people at Euromaidan have fled to Russia. While the Constitutional Court of Ukraine which granted Yanukovych dictatorial powers continues working as if nothing happened.”

The people’s deputy believes that if any Ukrainian top official fails to perform his duties or abuses his power, the parliament’s task is to side with people.”

I am grateful to all the MPs who have already put their names to the document expressing no-confidence in the Prosecutor General. Starting from today I am going to publish the names of the people’s deputies who supported the initiative and of those who refused to do it. The Prosecutor General who does not do his job must be dismissed,” Yehor Soboliev concludes.

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