Yehor Soboliev: The work of Prosecutor General Lutsenko is hardly better than the work of his predecessors. He can only prove himself on Facebook

Samopomich representative in the parliament, chairman of the Anti-Corruption Committee of the Verkhovna Rada Yehor Soboliev has commented on the effectiveness of the Prosecutor General’s work and asked his fellow parliamentarians to put their names to the initiative on dismissal of Yuriy Lutsenko from his post.

“The results of his work are no better than the results of the three previous prosecutors who were fired. Yuriy Lutsenko only proves himself on Facebook. No economic or other top crime has been investigated by the Prosecutor General’s Office during his time in office,” emphasizes Yehor Soboliev.

The MP also reminds of the failures to investigate the cases of former Ukrainian top officials. “While there were no parliamentary meetings another bulk of those who are guilty of Maidan crimes fled from the Ukrainian justice to Russia, and Interpol stopped looking for Yanukovych and the chairman of his administration, Kliuyev. This is a direct responsibility of the Prosecutor General, who was appointed with the consent of part of parliamentarians a year ago,” believes the chairman of the Anti-Corruption Committee.

Therefore, Yehor Soboliev concludes, people’s deputies who still want to represent the Ukrainian society, instead of bearing the burden of covering these crimes, should start put their names to the initiative on dismissal of the current Prosecutor General.

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