“The only way to preserve Ukrainian statehood is to stand up against the colonization” – resolution of the Samopomich Union Congress

Realizing that Ukraine is facing the threat of colonization by Russia not only because of the armed aggression, but also because of:

➡ the economic dependence on Russia and the trade with the territories occupied by Russia;

➡ the lack of recognition of Russian occupation of Ukrainian territories both at the international and national levels, which undermines Ukraine’s constitutional system, jeopardizes the legitimacy of the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and humiliates Ukrainian soldiers;

➡ immature state institutions affected by corruption and political influence of the occupying state;

➡ destruction of financial decentralization and humiliation of the dignity of communities that make up the basis of the Ukrainian nation,

Samopomich believes that the only way to preserve Ukrainian statehood is to stand up against the colonization.

In this regard, Samopomich demands from the Verkhovna Rada, the President and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine:

  1. To adopt the law on temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine, which should guarantee:

✔ termination of trade with the occupied territories;

✔ protection of the professional dignity of the Ukrainian military and their duty to protect the people and the Constitution;

✔ preservation of the institutional state and constitutional system.

  1. To abandon the totalitarian practice of destroying local self-government, to restore and develop the financial sufficiency of Ukrainian communities.
  2. To prevent further reproduction of political corruption, to guarantee responsibility for political corruption and illegal enrichment, in particular through:

✔ adoption of a new law on elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on a proportional basis with open lists;

✔ adoption of the law on the anti-corruption court;

✔ establishment of the requirement to explain the origin of property for each candidate for deputy and presidential candidate.

Samopomich also draws attention of our international partners to the fact that recognition of the Russian occupation, the actual and legal blockade of the trade with the occupied territories, strengthening of Ukrainian communities and the inevitability of punishment for corruption are the key to preserving Ukrainian statehood today.

At the same time, an independent and institutionally strong Ukrainian state is the best partner for overcoming Russian aggression and restoring world security, preservation and harmonization of the world order

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