Yaroslav Tsurkan expelled from the Samopomich party

The former mayor of Zastavna Yaroslav Tsurkan was excluded from the party for actions that inflicted significant damage to the reputation of Samopomich.

During the elections of 2015 Yaroslav Tsurkan was engaged in the recruitment of his team and he is responsible for bringing people to the party. These deputies did not support the party ideology and their actions damaged the reputation of the Samopomich party in Chernivtsi.

In addition, Yaroslav Tsurkan was in charge of recalling the City Council’s deputies. However, no actions have been taken in this respect.

In December 2016, Samopomich conducted an internal investigation into the activities of its faction’s deputies in the Chernivtsi City Council. Consequently, the leadership of the party suggested that all members of the faction in the City Council should step down from office. In March 2017, four Samopomich representatives handed in their letters of resignation; however, the City Council refused to make a corresponding decision stating this issue needed further consideration.

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