“When it is already cold, one must immediately turn on the heating, and only then start deciding who is to blame” – Andriy Sadovyi

The Lviv city mayor and the leader of the Samopomich Union, Andriy Sadovyi, sharply criticized the government’s reluctance to address the critical heating situation in the city of Smila.

“Why humiliate people and make them remain in the cold?” said Andriy Sadovyi in the program “The Right to Power.” He added that such problems arise in Ukraine due to the lack of coordination of the work of the National Commission for Regulation in Energy and Utilities and the government with the cities.

In Lviv, for example, there have been no problems with heat supply since 2006. The city has hot water throughout the year, and central heating is turned on in one day. This is the result of the systematic work of the city council and cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Sadovyi noted that the EBRD was ready to invest about 8 billion euros in Ukraine, but due to internal conflicts between politicians, we were losing this resource.

“Mr. Zubko, Mr. Hroisman, Mr. President! This situation insults me as a citizen, because you live at the expense of my taxes, at the expense of the taxes of all Ukrainians. If a mayor has some problems, you must respond immediately and help solve them,” noted Sadovyi. “My suggestion is for the government to distribute responsibility among themselves and to send their representatives to those cities where there are problems. And then the problems will be solved immediately. You must be there, on the ground. It is a shame you let the situation in Smila and other cities appear.”

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