If we lose our state, consideration of any legislation won’t have any sense, – Ruslan Sydorovych

As long as the Parliament has not adopted a law on the occupied territories and has not recognized Russia as the aggressor in the East of Ukraine, it is Ukraine that bears full legal responsibility for these events both towards the citizens of Ukraine and the international community. This was stated by Ruslan Sydorovych, Samopomich Union faction member, at the meeting of the coordination board of the Parliament.

“Last week, the Pechersk court passed a curious verdict, in accordance with which Ukraine has to pay more than 6 million hryvnias of compensation to a Ukrainian citizen for his destroyed home in the occupied territory. This landmark decision has actually reiterated the situation that we have today not having adopted the law on the occupied territories. We have recognized that the Crimea is occupied. However, unfortunately, we have not managed to give the events in the East any legal status. Therefore, it is high time we provided the society with the answer and our international diplomacy with the possibility to effectively fight with the aggressor in the international courts and to protect the interests of the state,” said Ruslan Sydorovych.

In addition, despite the fact that there is a war in the East, intensive trade never stopped there.

“Every day, hundreds of cars cross the border. They transport coal among other things, the supplies of which we somehow have failed to diversify in the last three years. In fact, the Ukrainian government has created the conditions under which Ukraine is in the energy danger zone, and instead of buying coal from the territory under the control of Ukraine – the Lviv-Volyn coal basin – we are promoting the development of Akhmetov’s business. Not to mention the fact that in order to ensure coal production we are supplying the occupied territory with a dual-use commodity – gunpowder. Some other things that go across the border are alcohol, weapons and other counterfeit products, which is absolutely unacceptable,” said Ruslan Sydorovych.

Thus, according to deputies of the Samopomich Union faction, the Parliament has to pass the law on the occupied territories as soon as possible.

Ruslan Sydorovych
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