“If people have the salary of a thousand euros, they will not leave the country” – Sadovyi in Zakarpattia region

These are Ukrainian border regions that are most affected by the problem of the outflow of labour. When talking about this with people at a meeting in Uzhhorod, presidential candidate Andriy Sadovyi emphasized that in order to put an end to people’s leaving to work abroad, the state must be flexible with investors who want to open production with us.

“Zakarpattia is the border region. It is very profitable to place the enterprises of mechanical engineering, light industry, woodworking.

Today, there are some small “Skoda” manufacturing capacities there. Why aren’t there other enterprises? Because of corruption. Because it is cheaper for an investor to buy land in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, than in Ukraine,” emphasizes Andriy Sadovyi.

The politician notes that against the background of discontent and the growth of separatist sentiments among the population, Zakarpattia region should get a lot of attention from the central government.

“There should be a state policy aimed at developing the economy and attracting investors that will invest in the creation of jobs. Because if people had jobs and a thousand euros of salary per month, no one would leave.”

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