What will Ukraine be like if a woman becomes president? “Women in politics” forum took place

What should women do in the crisis periods of history, how to act in conflict situations, and what advantages do they have in politics? Such questions were discussed by people’s deputies of Ukraine Iryna Podoliak, Oksana Syroyid, Iryna Sysoyenko, and Tetiana Ostrikova, activist Inna Kravchuk, as well as members of the Northern Ireland Assembly during the first forum of women of the Samopomich Union political party in Odesa.

Iryna Podoliak, the first deputy chairperson of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Culture and Spirituality, believes that in the modern Ukrainian politics, decisions are more often made by men, but women are the ones mostly engaged in the implementation of these decisions. The governing bodies are also most commonly represented by men. Although this does not mean that women are less educated or less professionally skilled.

“You are asking what will happen to Ukraine if a woman becomes president or prime minister. It would be the same as it would be if the president or prime minister were a man. Everything depends on human qualities, not on gender. We must choose a professional irrespective of the gender. The more important things are the aim with which a person comes into politics, his/her program and projects,” Iryna Podoliak said.

The chair of the Odesa “Council of Entrepreneurs”, an activist of the Odesa “Samopomich”, Inna Kravchuk, agreed with the MP noting that for women it is much more difficult to realize their potential in politics than for man, “We always have to first prove that we are not only beautiful, but also smart. And this is despite the fact that we can have a decent education and professional experience,” said Inna Kravchuk.

During the forum the participants arrived at the conclusion that any women’s issues – ranging from problems to privileges – should be more actively and often discussed and brought up to the society, as this is done in European countries.

The speakers shared practical skills and pieces of advice necessary for women in political with the forum participants, and also developed a strategy of active involvement of women in politics.

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