“Qualitative local managers have to resist the political and economic pressure of the despotic centre,” Oleh Bereziuk

It was the central government that tried to destroy the mayor of Mykolayiv Oleksandr Sienkevych – believes the chairman of the Samopomich Union faction Oleh Bereziuk.

“Quality managers are just beginning to emerge as a result of two years of decentralization. These managers gradually cease to be beggars of the central government and begin to honestly use the budgets of their communities. But the central authorities see those leaders as a threat! And that’s why the latter are facing fierce resistance from the central despotic and oligarchic power – both political and economic resistance.”

“The political resistance manifests itself in the persecution of qualitative steps performed locally. As an example – an absolutely criminal depreciation and dismissal of the mayor of Mykolayiv Oleksandr Sienkevych. The authorities want despotism to triumph in this territory, although people support this mayor who came with democratic tools to use their resources and has showed his quality work in two years,” says Oleh Bereziuk.

Speaking about the economic offensive of the central authorities onto local governments, the chairman of the faction reminds of the draft budget 2018, which places on cities functional responsibilities that are not backed with financial resources. “Moreover, deductions from local budgets become so draconian that cities absolutely lose motivation to earn money”.

Today, says Oleh Bereziuk, the decentralization reform has shown that Magdeburg law returns to the territory of European Ukraine.

“But we can also see that despotism does not want to and will not retreat. Therefore, mayors and cities need to protect their budgets from the despotic central government in order to create quality living conditions for people in their territories. This is very important, and this is the struggle that awaits us,” the chairman of the faction concludes.

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