“High-quality vocational education is only possible when the state understands the importance of production” – Sadovyi

“For whom are Ukrainian vocational schools training specialists if production is not developing in the country?” Candidate for the post of President of Ukraine Andriy Sadovyi is convinced that the training of specialists in vocational schools must go hand in hand with the activities of enterprises.

“A simple example – we need about 20,000 units of public transport for the country. Buses, trolleybuses, trams and even electric buses. We have all the possibilities for their production. But we have no state policy and no political will.

But if there is production, there will be a request for working specialities. Then vocational education will be in larger demand. We need to form such a closed cycle in Ukraine,” said Sadovyi at a meeting with students in Zhytomyr.

The presidential candidate believes that the state should allocate at least 25% of the total budget to education.

“In Germany, professional colleges are equipped with the most modern machines. Therefore, if Ukraine wants to have a future, we must invest in education. And the salaries of teachers and lecturers should be way higher than the average salaries in the country,” says Sadovyi.

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