How to detect corrupt officials by verifying their declarations

September 1 the system of electronic declarations started operating in Ukraine.

Within 60 days all government officials, prosecutors, judges, deputies and the President have to submit the declarations on their incomes and the incomes of the members of their families to this system. A failure to submit the declaration or concealment of property to the value of more than 362,500 hryvnias is now considered a crime.

All the submitted declarations will be available on the website It will be the National Agency for Corruption Prevention that will verify the submitted data; however, now each and every one of us can find a corruptionist!

“It is of vital importance to involve the civil society into the fight against corruption. Electronic declarations will not save us from the corrupt officials’ trying to cancel the main provisions of the law and their attempts to conceal the illegally acquired property. Thanks to your reports on officials’ failures to explain the origin of their property we will be able to combat corruption,” Yehor Soboliev, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Preventing and Combating Corruption, “Samopomich” faction.

The Public Lustration Committee has introduced a new online form of reporting about the discrepancies in the declarations and the information materials providing the algorithms on how to verify a declaration.

Via this form public activists will receive information from the citizens containing evidence of corruption crimes. They will check the sent data and if confirmed will add information about corrupt officials to an open registry. The confirmed information will be also transmitted to the National Agency for Corruption Prevention and the National Anti-Corruption Bureau.

This online form is a weapon designed for all of us, Yehor Soboliev

The Public Lustration Committee has also presented information materials with the algorithms of declarations verification. Thus, together with investigative journalists a number of information materials containing step by step instructions have been developed:

1) Verification of the declarations on incomes, expenditures and financial liabilities,

2) State Land Cadastre: how to check whether the land belongs to the declarant and his/her family?

3) State Register of Proprietary Rights to Immovable Property: how to check whether the property belongs to the declarant and his/her family?

4) Unified State Register of Vehicles: how to check whether the vehicle belongs to the declarant and his/her family?

5) United State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Organizations: how to check whether the declarant and the members of his/her family are involved in business.

Source: Public Lustration Committee website

Yehor Sobolev
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