The government should amend the legislation in favour of foster parents

Dear friends! Today, I would like to raise the issue that is extremely important for the state and for every citizen: the issue of children custody. We all were children once. And I am sure you will agree that childhood is a period of personality formation, and it is vital that a child is surrounded with the people who love, appreciate, respect and truly take care of him/her.

The resolution No. 458 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated July 22, 2016 amended the “Regulations on a family-type foster home” and “Regulations on a foster family” than actually tied hands to foster parents. In particular, under the threat of disbanding foster families, the bodies of trusteeship and guardianship obliged the parents of these foster families to establish contacts of their foster child with adoptive parents and to facilitate this adoption.

However, according to article 213 of the Family Code, not to mention moral considerations, foster parents are the ones having the priority right to adopt these children.

I have many children myself, and I care for children a lot. Together with the team, we have thoroughly analysed this problem and sent a bunch of inquiries to the governors to collect information about such cases in Ukraine. I have also personally addressed the Prime Minister of Ukraine with a view to amending this resolution.

I am now calling on all parents and conscious citizens to support us and keep an eye on this issues until the government changes the resolution No. 458 in favour of foster parents and parents of family-type foster homes.

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