How to bring investors to Ukraine? Sadovyi on Samopomich’s plan of an “economic leap”

Ukraine is at least 50 years behind Poland in its development. In order to catch up with the western neighbour, Samopomich political party in its program proposes to develop the spheres of IT, innovation, creative industries, engineering, military-industrial and agro-industrial sectors.

The leader of the party, number one on the Samopomich electoral list, Andriy Sadovyi, wrote about this on his Facebook page.

According to him, these areas should get maximum support from the state, “because here we have the potential for development and we can reach the top positions in the world.”

Also, once in the next parliament, the party will go on demanding to eliminate pressure and deregulate business. “The law enforcement agencies that are “nightmarising” honest entrepreneurs today should be disbanded. Financial crimes should be investigated by an analytical body – the financial police – and not by a law enforcement one,” says Sadovyi.

In order to reduce corruption, the party suggests providing all public services through electronic services – the less contact with officials an entrepreneur has, the fewer grounds for corruption there will be.

Also, according to Sadovyi, transparency of decision making and as few as possible regulators will allow foreign investors to be attracted to the Ukrainian economy.

“I know personally how difficult it is to convince large global companies to open their production facilities and offices here. Lviv, however, excels here. One of the latest examples – $160 million of investment into IT park. Silicon Valley in Lviv will create 14,000 jobs (!). Construction starts this year,” wrote Sadovyi.

We shall recall that on the eve of the parliamentary election campaign, the Samopomich party was the first party in Ukraine to select its candidates following the principle of open lists. The party will also publish all the declarations of its candidates and urges other parties to do so as well.

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