On how the Committee rejected the bill on temporarily occupied territories

If you want to bungle a job, set up a working group for it. Perhaps, the opponents of the draft law on temporarily occupied territories counted on this popular wisdom when voting at a meeting of the Committee for State Construction for the creation of a relevant working group. They thought it would work for a year or two, and we shall see what we shall see…
But it didn’t work that way. The working group has been actively working for two months, has involved people’s deputies, representatives of ministries, scientific circles and civil society. And at the output we received a very high-quality and consolidated document. Almost all issues have been agreed upon, with the exception of three items that were supposed to be decided upon by the Committee (at the beginning there had been dozens of such contentious issues).
Unfortunately, at today’s meeting of the Committee, the draft law on temporarily occupied territories was rejected. However, I have not heard any comments concerning the essence of the document finalized by the working group. Instead, the deputies of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc and the People’s Front came up with a formal reason, because they “did not have time to get acquainted with”, “do not understand what text we are considering”, “the bill needs to be re-registered” etc.
To tell the truth, I did not have any special illusions. Especially knowing the position of the authorities regarding the bill, since together with the Opposition Bloc it counted on the restoration of business with the occupied territories. However, I at least expected a meaningful discussion and, importantly, to see the position of the colleagues. If you are against the law, then have the courage to say this, and do not hide your head in the sand. I believe that the parliament is the state body in which one must take responsibility and make important for the state decisions.
And the importance of this bill is confirmed by the decisions of many local councils that have appealed to the parliament to support it, as well as by the actions of the civil society and the war veterans concerning the trade blockade. I am convinced that with such public expectations, sooner or later this document will be adopted.
Finally, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the members of the working group for their joint work! It will be a great honor for us to add all those willing to the authors’ team of the new draft law, which will be registered in the near future

Lyubomyr Zubach
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