Results of the week: “Samopomich” has become a leader in the voting for deregulation

The first parliamentary week of the fifth session of the Verkhovna Rada has brought a number of important decisions for the country. Experts say: “Samopomich Union” has become the leader of the day of deregulation in the parliament.
It is, in particular, about the voting for the law №4958, adopted in the first reading. The aim of the document is to simplify the licensing procedures in the field of export and import of alcohol, alcoholic beverages, and tobacco products. The fraction supported the initiative in a body with its 26 votes.
Also, this week the majority of deputies from the “Samopomich Union” supported the decision of the Verkhovna Rada on the arrest and detention of Judge Mykola Chaus, whom the law enforcement agencies suspect of bribery. Though calling such steps with respect to Chaus the right ones, the faction’s representatives see elimination of the problem of corruption in the courts within a wider perspective. “We have to detect those who stand behind such judges as Chaus, those who appoint them and cover them,” said the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Anti-Corruption Committee, Yehor Soboliev.
In addition, this week the Parliament passed in the first reading the bill №4194, co-authored by Olena Sotnyk. The document provides for the rejection of the mandatory use of seals. “For many years in other countries deals have been made so, people do not even see each other, everything is done electronically. This allows spreading economic activities all over the world,” Olena Sotnyk.
In addition, the Verkhovna Rada endorsed the bill №3719, which, according to people’s deputy Roman Semenukha, determines the future of IT-industry in Ukraine – whether or not it will continue to migrate abroad. The document is intended to reduce the number of searches in the enterprises, which do not aim at actual investigation of crimes; it also aims at putting an end to groundless confiscation of computers.
However, it is not only the situation in the country that has been the subject of the parliament’s attention this week. Thus, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a response resolution to the Polish Parliament’s one “In the memory of the victims of genocide committed by Ukrainian nationalists against the citizens of II Rzeczpospolita in 1939-1945”. In their reply deputies encouraged the parliamentarians of the neighboring country to stop the politicization of the tragic pages of Ukrainian-Polish history and to focus efforts on constructive building of relationship. This decision has made Ukraine stronger – Vice Speaker Oksana Syroid, a coauthor of the resolution.
According to the leader of the “Samopomich Union” faction, Oleh Bereziuk, the main objective of the fifth session of the Verkhovna Rada is to work with the state budget for 2017. MPs expect that the draft budget will be submitted to the Parliament by September 15.
“The budget must be submitted to the Parliament on time, for the committee to work on it properly,” said Oleh Bereziuk. He adds that it is necessary to look for the prospects of establishment of economic stability in Ukraine and improvement of the social situation of Ukrainians in the budget.

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