I demand that the Ministry of Health speed up the adoption of the Sanitary Regulations

More than 500 schoolchildren have been poisoned with E. coli bacteria, nitrates or mould fungi in school canteens since the beginning of the new 2019.

Therefore, many children spent their spring holidays in hospitals.

In 2018, there were tens of thousands of poisoned children all over Ukraine.

At the same time, there are numbers with five or even six zeroes. These are the amounts of money received by “unscrupulous entrepreneurs” who supply food to schools and kindergartens.

Just imagine that by supplying Ukrainian schools with low-quality butter one can quickly make a big financial profit.

Another common way of “saving” on food for children is to transport raw meat, vegetables, dairy products in one lorry. After eating such food, children end up in hospitals, while the supplier wins the tender yet again offering the lowest cost of a school lunch. It is clear that in such a scheme neither the representatives of local authorities nor the heads of the relevant institutions remain without corresponding “thanks”!

Are these parents and not the state that need to fight with the temptations of dishonest businessmen and corruption?

The main thing that makes possible the poisoning of children in schools and kindergartens is the outdated legal framework that the government should change and thus establish requirements for ensuring high quality of food and cooking for children in educational institutions.

I demand from the Ministry of Health to speed up the adoption of the Sanitary Regulations.

After all, preserving the health of children is the main task of parents and the state!

Iryna Sysoienko
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