“We demand that the Ministry of Agrarian Policy stop the destruction of the strategic agrarian enterprise – Poltava bread products plant” – MP Semenukha

Poltava region, which is the leader in the agrarian sector, has almost lost its strategic enterprise – Poltava bread products plant. This is happening because of the inaction of law enforcement bodies with the tacit consent of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy. Only a year ago this enterprise was quite profitable.

Today, the work of the state-owned enterprise is paralyzed, and employees have not been paid their salaries for more than six months.

“The situation that has developed at the enterprise is unacceptable. First, there was a shortage of raw materials worth of millions of hryvnias, then the plant’s director fled, following that, there were searches, suspension of work, further electricity cut-offs and non-payment of salaries!” MP Roman Semenukha, who has visited the plant during his working trip to Poltava, is indignant. “At the same time, the former head has not been charged, which proves the actual inactivity of law enforcement officers. However, the position of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, which is in charge of the Poltava plant, is most disturbing. No interim director has been appointed, no competition to fill the vacant position has been announced.

Such a position is nothing more than a deliberate blocking of the plant’s work, which will lead to its destruction or actually illegal takeover in the interests of individuals who monopolized the industry back in the days of Yanukovych and continue to do so under the new government.”

According to MP Anna Romanova, first of all, it is necessary to solve the problem of paying debts to the employees. We are talking about the amount of more than five million hryvnias, and people are actually in despair.

Samopomich is going to send requests to the NABU with a demand to immediately intervene in the situation and find out all the circumstances of the crime.

“We are also going to ask the acting Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Maksym Martyniuk to give a public answer as to why the director has not been appointed and the competition has not been announced yet,” said Roman Semenukha. “After all, as long as the enterprise has no legitimate leader, no grain supplier can bring its products there, and this is a direct way to the final stoppage of the enterprise, its complete bankruptcy and destruction.”

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