Elections should be a competition of programs, ideas, and minds, not money, – says Liubomyr Zubach

Speaking about the upcoming presidential elections at a TV channel in the city of Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk region, MP Liubomyr Zubach from the Samopomich Union parliamentary faction noted, “Andriy Sadovyi is turning into a nucleus for the unification. One of the political parties, “DemAlliance”, has already declared its support for Andriy Sadovyi. I am convinced that this is the first step.

Of course, it is not a goal in itself to gather everyone who is in the political spectrum. We need modern parties, we need progressive people. For example, Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, who has not yet declared his personal participation in the electoral process. This person is close to us in terms of values. I think that he might make the appropriate decision as well. There are a number of parties that are now thinking about this process. But, in fact, this process is already happening. We have already become a unifying factor.”

The parliamentarian reminds of the leader of Samopomich is going to run in the elections with the aim of implementing a number of fundamental things. “First of all, this is the local government. Andriy Sadovyi is the man who has made Lviv a successful city. The second thing is the offensive on corruption. The current government shows no desire to put an end to corruption. Working in the Verkhovna Rada, we have adopted very high-quality anti-corruption legislation. This legislation allows imprisoning corrupt officials easily. Yet, there is no desire among the authorities to do this. Unfortunately, even our Prosecutor General is just a showman with no law degree. He simply cannot ensure this process. Once we come to power, we will change that.

And the third thing that Andriy Sadovyi wants to bring is the technological reform of our country. It must be a breakthrough. We are running out of time. We need innovative solutions. Andriy Sadovyi has done this in Lviv, he will do this in whole Ukraine.”

As for the planned elections to the Verkhovna Rada, the MP says it is important what law will govern them. Liubomyr Zubach concludes, “Samopomich has been always insisting on changing the system and shifting to proportional elections with open lists. We must put an end to the majority system, which lets people with large wallets buy votes. Then they come to power and start plundering the state. This is wrong, there must be a competition of programs, ideas, minds, not money.”

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