“The Electoral Code is the most important, the most revolutionary change of the entire 8th convocation of parliament” – Sydorovych

The Electoral Code is almost ready for voting in the second reading, it will be introduced in parliament on July 11 and there is a potential for its adoption. One of the developers of the Electoral Code, MP Ruslan Sydorovych, is convinced that there will be enough votes even among the MPs elected in single-member districts on the basis of the majority electoral system.

“For many political forces – especially now, on the eve of voting – it will be difficult and uncomfortable not to support those ideas that they themselves have been expressing. I hear that a lot of MPs elected in single-member districts who would previously under no circumstances vote for the Electoral Code, are ready to vote today. Some are not running for the next parliament and this is their farewell leitmotif; some feel a request for a change in the electoral model in their districts and cannot but vote for it because otherwise they will have their ratings lowered; some have other motives. But there is a potential for this Electoral Code to be adopted on Thursday.”

In general, Sydorovych considers the reform of electoral legislation the most important and the most revolutionary from among everything that the Verkhovna Rada of 8th convocation has done.

When MPs finish reviewing all the edits, prior to the final vote, it will be necessary to hold another meeting of the Committee on Legal Policy and Justice, get back to the version of the working group, approve the amendments of the working group and again submit to the sessional hall the Electoral Code for the second reading in the version which was prepared by the working group and vote for it.

However, the Electoral Code could have been adopted much faster. Sydorovych says: “If the Committee had supported the position of the working group from the very beginning, then we would have adopted the Electoral Code in a week or, given a very constructive approach, in a day or two.”

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