“They are the revenge themselves” – Andriy Sadovyi about Tymoshenko and Poroshenko

Andriy Sadovyi stated that Medvedchuk’s activities are a verdict for Ukraine after the Revolution of Dignity and five years of war.

“Medvedchuk buys Ukrainian TV channels, Medvedchuk continues to make money on the oil and gas markets in Ukraine, Medvedchuk heads “Za Zhytia” (For Life) party. I hope everyone understands what will happen next if nothing changes?” wrote Andriy Sadovyi on his Facebook page.

The leader of Samopomich is convinced that Medvedchuk in the Ukrainian politics and in the Ukrainian parliament is a revenge that no one can stop – either those who used to be in power or those being in power now. “Neither Poroshenko nor Tymoshenko can do this. Because they are the revenge themselves.”

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