Voitsitska: “We insist on including the draft law #8626 into the agenda! Millions of people expect justice!”

Samopomich Faction demands to include into the agenda of the ninth session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine the bill #8626, whose aim is the abolition of the corruption scheme “Rotterdam+”. According to MP Viktoriia Voitsitska from the Samopomich faction, presently, through this scheme, Ukrainians are paying 1 billion 200 million to Rinat Akhmetov, the biggest owner of thermal power stations who controls over 80% of coal production.

The lawmaker explains how this corruption scheme appeared: “In 2016, the National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Public Utilities, which was then fully controlled by the President, decided to revise pricing principles for thermal power and decided that the coal used to generate electricity should cost as if it were purchased in Rotterdam and then through various ports and 8,000 kilometres in the sea brought to  Ukraine. Each of us has to pay for this coal, which is absolute nonsense because during the entire existence of this corruption scheme, not a single ton of coal from Rotterdam has been imported, and we are using the coal that is mined in the neighbouring region”.

“Why is this corruption scheme going to affect us all?” continues Viktoriia Voitsitska. “Because each of us pays his/her own contribution when buying basic goods. For example, 25 kopiykas from your trip by metro will go to Akhmetov. From each bottle of milk – 23 kopiykas, from each loaf of bread – 13 kopiykas. I would also like to emphasize that public institutions, among other things, are forced to pay for electricity at this so-called market price.”

This is all happening against the backdrop of the government’s saying that Ukrainians should pull in their belts and start saving “Moreover, the government says it will be necessary to reduce the number of subsidy receivers. We are talking about more than 30% of those who previously received subsidies. That is, people should pull in their belts and continue ensuring super profits of such oligarchs as Akhmetov!” the people’s deputy resents.

“We insist on including the draft law #8626 into the agenda! Millions of people expect justice!” concludes Victoria Voitsitska.

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