Voitsitska: Elections 2019 will be our civilizational choice. We can either enrich the oligarchs again or make a responsible choice

The presidential campaign, which has begun in Ukraine, will be one of the dirtiest ever since the independence of Ukraine. Consequently, any methods will be used to discredit competitors. Special attention will be paid to the politicians whose participation in the elections threatens the current status quo in Ukraine, that is, the preservation of monopolies and super-profits of the oligarchs.

“Therefore, it’s not surprising that the YouTube channel of our candidate for presidency, Andriy Sadovyi, was hacked. I am more than confident that very soon there may be fake correspondence and photos published,” says Viktoriia Voitsitska.

In addition, people already inform parliamentarians that citizens are being offered to receive funds if they put their signature under the statement saying that they support the current President in the upcoming elections.

Viktoriia Voitsitska adds, “The worst thing is that they are starting to blackmail people, in particular, the representatives of the public sector. I know stories when teachers in schools are forced to go and agitate for the President. This is even tracked. The technologies will not just be there, they are already being actively used.”

Therefore, the MP concludes that the elections in 2019 will be our civilizational elections. Ukraine will either elect a President who will continue to enrich the oligarchs at the expense of people, or will break this vicious circle by making a conscious choice and electing someone who will embody the hopes that people had during Maidan.

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