Voitsitska: “The authorities strive to collect as much as possible taxes and spend them on a corrupt bureaucracy and a police state”

The draft state budget for 2018 demonstrates the desire of the authorities to spend taxes of Ukrainians on a bureaucratic corruption system.

In particular, a people’s deputy from the Samopomich Union faction Viktoriia Voitsitska focuses on two points. “First of all, the state is going to keep increasing the pressure on small and medium-sized businesses, and generally on the economy, in order to finance the bureaucratic corruption system, the state machine that is inefficient. We can trace this on the example of the growth of individual ministries’ and departments’ budgets.

And this is despite the fact that we are now living in conditions of the so-called market prices for energy. Communal services are becoming more and more expensive; as a result, the number of people who need support in the form of subsidies has already exceeded 60%. That is, we are entering subsidiarity serfdom – people are getting dependent on the subsidies generated from the taxes they pay. This degrades human dignity! And this is what going on while we should be providing people with the tools and the opportunities to reduce the consumption of the energy resources.”

The MP points out that this is where “warm credits” are very effective. This is a program through which condominiums could take out loans and direct them to external insulation of houses, replacement of windows, improvement of the quality of their roofs. “This would be reflected in a decrease in the consumption of heat, hot water, gas by 10% -20%,” says Viktoriia Voitsitska. “That is, people would have the opportunity to cut down on their payments.”

Despite the positive dynamics, the draft state budget for next year proposes to allocate 55 billion for subsidies, and less than 300 million for “warm credits”, of which only some ridiculously small amounts will be spent on condominiums. The MP emphasizes that this is an antisocial approach.

Viktoriia Voitsitska is convinced: “The state must use taxes effectively and create conditions to stimulate economic growth. However, today we see no real desire of the Cabinet to help people by effectively using the money the people pay in the form of taxes.

The budget is formed on a fiscal basis, which does not stimulate the economy, on an inflationary basis – that is, on an increase in the revenue part. It is a shame to realize that public policy is aimed at collecting the maximum amount of taxes and fees, instead of stimulating real economic growth.”

“Absence of adequate support for people at a time when we see an increase in the amount of financing of the bureaucratic state machine is absolutely unacceptable,” the deputy concludes.

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