Voitsitska: Reforms will be there once people learn to trust the government and the state

When answering the question of journalists regarding the system of monetization of subsidies, MP Viktoriia Voitsitska from the Samopomich Union faction notes a number of systemic deficiencies in the system.

First of all, there are questions regarding the procedure for determining those who are eligible for subsidies and those who are deprived of this right. The parliamentarian talks about the complaints of the Ukrainians, “For example, someone from their family members has exercised their right to privatization, respectively, has earned a bit. The proceeds were automatically added to the total income, and the whole family was removed from the list of those who should receive subsidies. Is this right? Is that fair? No, it is not fair to consider such isolated proceeds, instead of looking at how much the family actually earns.”

Secondly, the government monetization of subsidies has nothing to do with paying money to people. It runs contrary to the essence of the reform. Viktoriia Voitsitska emphasizes, “The very idea of monetization means that the consumer must be able to monetize the subsidy, that is, put in his pocket the amounts that he receives as a result of savings.”

However, in reality, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a decree according to which there must be an account opened in Oshchadbank for each recipient of subsidies and payment should be made automatically by the bank, on the basis of invoices. Under such conditions, the consumer is deprived of the opportunity to appeal the bill. Meanwhile, the monopolist receives money automatically.

Viktoriia Voitsitska is convinced that this system will change only when confidence in the government is restored. The people’s deputy concludes, “There must be a state and authority which people will trust. Then we will have a proper subsidy system and proper pricing for important products, such as gas. Then we will have a different situation.”

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