Voitsitska: The increase in the gas prices for the population is a payment for corruption

“The IMF is demanding to increase the price for gas, because they believe that due to the difference in the prices for the population and industry we still have a source for corruption, which lets some people earn their billions,” said Samopomich deputy Viktoriia Voitsitska.

That is, the logic is as follows: the only way to stop corruption is to establish a single price for gas. However, Voitsitska says there is another way out. It is called Absolute Accounting.

“If we clearly knew that the population’s needs make up 100 units, the industry’s needs are 200 units, then we could have two prices and there would be no grounds for abuses.”

If the government was really fighting against corruption, then we would need no money from lenders at all.

“As a state, we can neither pay for our debts or our needs because of the very low economic growth. We hear about the “tremendous achievements” of 3% of GDP growth, while globally the average percentage of growth is more than 4.5% of GDP. There are no grounds to talk about any achievements. Why so? For the entire economy is in corruption shackles. If we created decent conditions, then both foreign and domestic investors would come, invest their money and we would have not the poor 3% growth, but a much faster economic growth. And we would not remain dependent on the IMF over and over again.”

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