Voitsitska: National Commission for State regulation in Energy and Utilities is considering increasing the price of electricity by 15% in 2018

According to Samopomich MP, NCSREU is considering increasing the price of electricity for 2018 by 15%. The reason for this is the fact that there are intentions to increase the price of coal in heat and power plants’ tariffs by more than 20% – from 2,000 hryvnias to more than 2,400 hryvnias.

As noted by the MP, this growth will mean additional 10 billion hryvnias a year for thermal generation companies, where Rinat Akhmetov’s DTEK covers almost 80% of the market.

“Most likely, this increase in the price of electricity will manifest itself in the increase in tariffs for businesses and budget institutions. This means an increase in cross-subsidization, and the difference in tariffs for business and for the population in some areas will reach 100%. The tariffs of water utilities and the cost of electric transport will rise again, another factor of inflation growth will appear,” Viktoriia Voitsitska is convinced.

The MP notes that she will see to the issue and will come to the meeting of the National Commission in order to find out the reasons for such a tariff formation.

“The commission has only 4 members now – this is the minimum quorum, and every vote is decisive, and responsibility is personal. It looks like this is a “swan song” aimed at enriching yet the richest oligarch at the expense of all of Ukraine. We will not let such things slide by,” Viktoriia Voitsitska concludes.

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