Voitsitska: “Akhmetov’s monopoly energy monster is completed. Ukraine has lost”

The antimonopoly committee allowed the oligarch Rinat Akhmetov to become a full monopolist of the power company market. His company DTEK will acquire shares of Kyivoblenergo and Odesaoblenergo regional power companies.

Samopomich’s deputy Viktoriia Voitsitska notes: “By giving permission to buy Kyivoblenergo and Odesaoblenergo, the AMCU has opened the Pandora’s box. Now Akhmetov will actually be able to buy all of the regional power companies of Ukraine. He has money to do this.”

Meanwhile, this money has been given to Akhmetov by ordinary consumers who paid for the Rotterdam+ scheme. Now one person, Rinat Akhmetov, is controlling 80% of the production of thermal coal, 80% of thermal energy, and is monopolizing the retail electricity market.

The money earned on monopoly schemes creates opportunities to earn even more money on additional monopoly schemes. And everything is done at the expense of consumers.

“In fact, we are witnessing the formation of an energy monster, which has had no analogues in Ukraine. While penetrating all levels of the power system, collecting money from consumers, Akhmetov’s project will not be prevented from manipulating prices and tariffs in his own interests.”

Viktoriia Voitsitska will appeal to the National Security and Defence Council with a request to see to the situation with Akhmetov’s energy monopoly. She demands to immediately dismiss those members of the Antimonopoly Committee who made this criminal decision.

“The Antimonopoly Committee should protect consumers and markets from monopoly abuses. But, as we see, today the Committee has once again played in favour of Akhmetov and against the Ukrainian people. Today is the day of AMCU’s shame. It is impossible to build a strong economy if monopolies suck blood out of it. Whereas the impotent AMCU is covering all this. I believe that the AMCU which allows monopolists to strengthen their monopolistic position cannot go on functioning in Ukraine,” said Voitsitska.

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