Voitsitska: Every single kilowatt consumed by the residents of high-rise buildings should be paid at a fair rate

Residents of apartment buildings will again pay for electricity for common household needs at the tariffs for the population – that is, 1.68 per kW. The National Commission for State Regulation in Energy and Utilities has corrected its mistake made on December 21 of last year and returned a note on the tariffs for technical needs.

This is reported by MP Viktoriia Voitsitska from the Samopomich parliamentary faction, who, in fact, was the one that sought the return of the note. It was she who conveyed the position of condominiums to the members of the NCSREU.

“1 hryvnia 68 kopiykas and not a single kopiyka more! After all, the need to use an elevator or use the light on the staircase landing is the same natural household need as to use an electric stove or an iron. Therefore, the price in both cases should be the same.”

Viktoriia has already stated that she does not intend to stop and will demand more, because the current version of the note in the NCSREU resolution contains an insufficient list of the common household needs of apartment buildings residents. The MP promises to keep making the regulator hear the consumers.

Voitsitska believes there must be a clear principle – all the electricity consumed by an apartment building for common residential needs should cost as much as the electricity consumed in each individual apartment.

“Legislation provides a clear definition of what the residential needs in an apartment building are. These are all the needs for the satisfaction of living conditions in a particular house. This is what the law says and what condominiums need.

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