Voitsitska: The events in Ichnia showed that our state lives up to a “happy-go-lucky” principle

A representative of Samopomich, MP Viktoriia Voitsitska has gone to Ichnia, where the ammunition depots had exploded the night before. The situation on the ground shocked even the MP. Viktoriia says that people were just left to their own devices.

“People were woken up by the sound of explosions and didn’t know what to do. They tried to call the relevant state structures and services (the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, the police), but no one could explain to them what to do in this situation, what was happening.”

People evacuated themselves as best they could: by cars, on foot, by whichever means they could. The elderly were helped to walk, the children were told that these were fireworks so that the children would not cry. Someone ran to the local school hoping there was a bombproof shelter to hide inside. But everything was closed and there was nobody.

“It’s four in the morning, it’s dark, and there is a glow from the explosions. No one knows on which road one can drive, on which one cannot,” says Voitsitska.

The people’s deputy notes, “It seems like the state lives up to a happy-go-lucky principle. As a matter of fact, a year ago, when I was at this warehouse in Ichnia, I met with those who are actually responsible for this warehouse. These people expressed their concerns and asked me to communicate it to the government (which I did consequently) what was needed to be done in order to increase the level of security at this warehouse and in the premises. There were several places where the fence was broken and people could get inside.”

Explosions at ammunition depots occur in Ukraine almost every six months. Yet the state does not draw any conclusions. Especially, the local authorities. “It would make sense to conduct special training for the people living near such warehouses, especially after the explosions in Balakliya and Kalynivka. People should know what to do in such situations, there should be no panic,” concludes Viktoriia Voitsitska.

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