Voitsitska: Chairman of the National Commission for State Regulation in Energy and Utilities had better hand in a notice instead of carrying out consultations

People’s deputy of the Samopomich Union urges the chairman of the National Commission for State Regulation in Energy and Utilities, Dmytro Vovk, not to hide behind the 18 months of indulgence, which the President granted him, but to resign from his post.
“The speech of the head of an “independent” regulator in the parliament was pure selling black for white. Lie after lie! I’ll start with a simple example: the decision that was made by the Commission on the “Hryhoryshyn transformers” – both the deputy corps and experts tried to convince the Commission that the 2 billion hryvnias were absolutely unfounded and could have gone into the pocket of Hryhoryshyn. Back then the Commission did not take into account the opinion of the independent experts and deputies; and only when the diplomatic corps of our Western colleagues intervened this decision was revised.
Rotterdam + is another interesting story. We were told that the introduction of the formula will ensure energy independence from the supply of coal from the occupied territories. Then it turned out that this decision had not ensured the diversification of supplies, because out of 25 million tons of coal, which the country used last year, only 400 thousand tons were taken from other markets, outside Ukraine. And once again nothing was done until a letter from the vice-president of the European Commission, who called the decision “controversial”. Moreover, starting from April 1, DTEK company started exporting electricity to Moldova. That means we do not have any crisis, but at the same time the “independent” regulator makes decisions that are not beneficial to the consumer, but fill the pockets of the oligarchs.
And the last very interesting moment concerning the introduction of the so-called service fees. The chairman of the Commission says that the deputy corps adopted such a revolutionary law on the gas market. Yes, we really adopted it and laid the European principles in it. But we said that first it was necessary to return to the state the property which had been stolen by oligarchs like Firtash. “The independent regulator has double standards and works to provide the oligarchs with super-profits,” notes Viktoriya Voitsitska.
Photo: Ian Dobronosov


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