Voitsitska: For as long as the country is headed by a guarantor not of the Constitution, but of corruption, nothing will change

“There was information about the crook business of Hladkovskyi in “Ukroboronprom” Back two years ago. The Prosecutor General reported this, but no one wants an honest investigation,” says MP Viktoriia Voitsitska from the Samopomich Union faction.

She notes, “For as long as the country is headed by a guarantor not of the Constitution, but of corruption, there will be nothing more than just empty words that someone wants to fight something. It is necessary to radically change the system and the people managing it.”

According to the lawmaker, it is not only in the Hladkovskyi case that we see the imitation of the fight against corruption and smuggling. Smuggling and mess at customs is another gap in the promises of the authorities.

“The customs reform and what the government calls “Hroisman’s successful fight against smuggling” remain on paper only. Our international partners wanted to install scanners at border crossing points, but nothing was done. Someone has no will to really act, only to voice beautiful slogans in front of the cameras.”

Viktoriia notes that the government and the parliamentary majority do not want to fight smuggling, do not want to fill the budget of Ukraine, including through customs payments. It is beneficial for someone to be in charge of “black cash”, while all those schemes existing today are covered by the state’s top leadership.

And this will not change under the current government. “Only when those who understand that their task is to serve the country and the Ukrainians come to power, there will be order not only at customs, but throughout the country.”

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