Voitsitska: “Gazprom’s actions prove us once again: Ukraine must shift from general slogans about providing itself with its own gas to concrete actions”

According to Viktoriia Voitsitska, people’s deputy representing the Samopomich Union faction, Gazprom’s decision on the failure to comply with the obligations under the contract on the supply of gas to Ukraine is yet another manifestation of the impudent imperial position of the aggressor country’s policy: “Russia is again resorting to blackmail in relation to Ukraine. Now the countries of Europe are added, because it is through the Ukrainian gas transportation system that a lot of Russian gas goes to Europe – where there are their main consumers. Given the difficult weather conditions that have been observed in recent days both in Ukraine and in Europe, it is no wonder that the level of gas consumption has increased significantly.

But what Russia is doing by reducing pressure in its gas transmission networks and, accordingly, by reducing the volume of the gas supplies, is nothing more than a hybrid economic terrorism.”

According to the MP, it is difficult to forecast the further actions of Russia, but in this situation, first of all, there must be a proper reaction and an adequate assessment of the situation on the part of our European partners.

“In this situation, Ukraine has a chance to reinforce its position and get it across to European countries that Russia is an unreliable partner. Any gas supplies, talks about the construction of the Nord Stream-2 are just another opportunity for the aggressor country to gain an even greater influence on the European market,” says Viktoriia Voitsitska and notes that the support of the European community is also necessary due to the fact that Ukraine must provide gas supplies during the next winter and agree on what will happen next with the transit of gas to Europe after the start of 2019, when the corresponding contract between Naftogaz and Gazprom ends.

“It is difficult, it is not known what will happen next, but this will let our country steel itself. However, this is not the first time we face such a situation, so we must finally shift from the general slogans about being able to provide ourselves with our own gas in sufficient quantities, to concrete steps.

It is necessary to carry out a full deregulation in the field of issuing new production licenses, to make this process absolutely transparent and to open up information for potential investors, including foreign ones, who are interested in extracting gas in Ukraine. This should be a lesson for us: when we delay the introduction of real reforms this endangers our country’s survival and security – both energy security and general political and economic security,” concludes Viktoriia Voitsitska.

Viktoriya Vojtsitska
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