Voitsitska: The state must finally come to the defence of our constitutional rights to a clean environment

Rinat Akhmetov, who, thanks to the Rotterdam+ formula among other things, annually earns hundreds of millions of dollars from his thermal power plants, is sabotaging the energy modernization of the Prydniprovska TPP. MP Viktoriia Voitsitska from the Samopomich Union faction, reports that the tenth power unit still has no electrostatic precipitator installed yet. Local residents say that latter was to be installed at the end of last year.

The parliamentarian is indignant, “The power plant is located in the city of Dnipro and continues poisoning millions of its residents. Why one person in Ukraine should be weekly getting richer at the expense of the health of millions? Where is the limit to Rinat Akhmetov’s cynicism? Where is the limit of DTEK’s impunity? When will the ecocide stop in the million-people city of Dnipro?”

In the meantime, a resident of Dnipro, Pavlo, who lives several kilometres from the thermal power plant, says: “Every day my family and I have to breathe in the air filled with dust, gases, and solid metals doing out from the pipes of the power station. I demand to give me back my constitutional right to a clean and safe environment.”

Therefore, Samopomich requires DTEK to fulfil its environmental obligations. In addition, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources should provide a legal assessment of the DTEK’s actions. Viktoriia Voitsitska concludes, “Ecocide must be stopped.

The state must finally come to the defence of our constitutional rights to a clean environment, clean air, and clean water. Therefore, we should demand from the oligarch monopolists the fulfilment of their duties. If they cannot do this – then all this should be returned as critical infrastructure to the state, and the state should ensure our constitutional rights.”

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