At night in the village of Ratne the car of Samopomich activist was set on fire

On July 19, around 10:35 pm, the car of the leader of the Ratne district organization of the Samopomich Union Political Party, Ivan Panasiuk, was set on fire. This is already the second arson this year.

“The first arson happened in the spring. On April 4, 2017, around 10:40 pm, the attackers set fire to my Citroën C-25 truck. Back then 1.5 liters of combustible mixture were thrown into the car’s interior. This time, a 5-liter canister with fuel was used; probably the attackers wanted to ensure the car would burn down. The car (VAZ 210994) stood in the courtyard of the house,” says Ivan Panasiuk.

Ivan managed to put out the fire on his own, but he suffered burns.

“I am conducting a social project that provides free legal assistance for the population. People address me and I try to help. I cover all the information through the media so that other residents could know how to solve their problems. Now I am engaged in one land issue and I have already received threats from some interested persons. I think that the arsons are connected with this,” Ivan Panasiuk concludes.

The law enforcement authorities have launched an investigation into the arson dated April 4 and a pre-trial investigation upon the “Intentional destruction or damage to property” regarding the car’s burning on July 19.

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