“The authorities could not care less about our own production – it is more profitable for them to use the Urengoy pipeline and speculate with Russian gas” – Oleh Bereziuk
Samopomich supports the decision to reduce gas prices for the population, says the leader of the faction Oleh Bereziuk, “We insist on adopting this decree. It will encourage the government to make high-quality market interventions in the gas market and, as a result, will ensure lower gas prices for people.”

“We believe that the gas price determined by the National Commission for State Regulation in Energy and Utilities was a result of fraud. The fact is that the government has done nothing to get rid of the Düsseldorf+ scheme (a scheme similar to the Rotterdam+ coal scheme), which increases the price of gas due to completely formal things. Moreover, the government has done nothing to increase gas production, so an increase in the production of our own gas automatically, in a market-based way, reduces the price of gas that we have along with the one we import.

Oleh Bereziuk has once again reminded that Ukraine is not using the resources it possesses. We are talking about Boryslav in the Lviv region. The situation there can be called an economic catastrophe, because 100,000 cubic meters of gas literally disappear into thin air every day. Bereziuk is indignant, “Neither Ukrnafta, nor Naftogaz, nor the government are going to do anything about it. They do not need this gas. Meanwhile, the whole region could have been provided with heat and energy at the expense of this gas. This means that the oligarchic elite is contented with the Urengoy pipeline, it is profitable for them to buy Russian gas and resell it to Ukrainians at exorbitant prices as if this gas were transported from Düsseldorf.”

Oleh Bereziuk points out that according to the Treasury, as of December 14, the government has 110 billion UAH hole in the budget.

“The budget is under-fulfilled, the revenues from the unified social tax are under-fulfilled. Why? The economy is not working. And the proof of this is that the trade balance deficit is 8 billion in favour of imports. We are importing, we are not producing. Gas, among other things.

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