Oleh Bereziuk: The authorities are driven by their desires, while Ukrainians – by the requirements of the reality

According to the head of the Samopomich Union faction, Oleh Bereziuk, at a time when the Ukrainian citizens have to succumb to the crude reality, the authorities only pursue their desire to enrich.
“Despite all the efforts of the Ukrainian government, the objective indicators of the economy are incredibly destructive, dollar will soon reach the mark of 30 hryvnias per one US dollar. These are consequences of the Ukrainian management of the economy, economic reform and financial regulation, by the National Bank of Ukraine among others,” explains Oleh Bereziuk.
Therefore, the MP believes that today is high time the Parliament started talking about how to save the economy from the disastrous effects of poor reforms.
One of the decisions that the Parliament must adopt by the end of this week is a law on the establishment of the Financial Police – a new body that would deal with the economic crimes in relation to the public finances of the state.
“While frantically adopting the budget, the Parliament accidentally eliminated the Tax Police. And thanks God it did. This was a criminal agency striving to rob Ukrainian businessmen and the economy. And now we cannot take any steps back. It is also important to introduce to the Parliament and vote for the resolution on dismissal of the head of the State Fiscal Service and the head of the Tax Police for their criminal activities in relation to the Ukrainian economy,” adds Oleh Bereziuk.
Moreover, the head of the faction believes the pessimistic tendencies inside the country, as well as around it, are caused by the immunity of the people’s deputies.
“Political corruption, which entails economic corruption and depreciation of the Ukrainian people, results from our immunity. Therefore, we offer the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to stop thinking about increasing their own salaries, and to vote a law that would at least make it easier to lift the immunity from Ukrainian MPs,” sums up Oleh Bereziuk.

Oleh Berezyuk
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