“The authorities have gone against their own people, who are performing the function of the state instead of it,” Oleh Bereziuk

Chairman of the Samopomich Union faction Oleh Bereziuk demands that the Security Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs immediately provide information about the 25-year old volunteer of the “Aidar” battalion, Pavlo Herasymenko, whose place of stay after the yesterday’s crackdown of the trade blockade remains unknown.

“Yesterday the state went against its own people, who are performing the function of the state instead of it. This is the function of imposing economic sanctions against the aggressor state, which is occupying Ukrainian territories and destroying the Ukrainian state politically and economically. The government’s message was clear: “No, we are not going to listen to what you have to say. We are going to humiliate you, dear veterans of the war, while protecting the interests of a couple of Ukrainian oligarchs who are serving the aggressor.” This is not even a betrayal, it’s just a political commitment – commitment to despotism.

The authorities have gone against their own people. And how many hours has the government spent on negotiations with those people who are working instead of it? Few if any! More time has been spent on the organization of the yesterday’s operation aimed at humiliation of the human dignity and dignity of the Ukrainian army veterans, who came at the call of their hearts, and not by order of the Minister of Defence in 2014 to protect the country,” underlines Oleh Bereziuk.

In his opinion, today the country needs real stability: “Not the stability of a cemetery like colonial state, but the stability of development, stability of resistance, stability of movement from the colony to our own home.”

Therefore, the government must immediately start negotiations with people who are carrying out its functions, immediately release all those who were arrested yesterday and dismiss from office the Minister of Internal Affairs and the head of the Anti-Terrorism Centre.

“Because the authorities have led the Ukrainian state to destabilization and prompted an internal conflict. This state does not need it now.

And the parliament must stop hiding its head in the sand and talking about lost jobs, which had been lost long ago due to the occupation, but recognize reality and help the government instead.

We must admit that we have occupied territories by adopting the corresponding law. All Ukrainians today, including 86 – if not more – local councils, are helping the government and have supported the blockade. Resistance to colonization should be our slogan today!” Oleh Bereziuk is convinced.

Oleh Berezyuk
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