The authorities persecute their personal enemies instead of prosecuting those who are destroying our state – the statement of the Samopomich political council

The things that have been happening lately go beyond any common sense and the rule of law – people are captured in a broad daylight, in the middle of the street, without trial and investigation. We are mostly talking about active participants in the war for independence, which began in 2014. Those who joined volunteer battalions at the call of their hearts, made a stand for Ukraine and stopped the enemy are insidiously caught in the streets and arrested.

Only within one hour on Sunday, November 26, in different cities of Ukraine, at least two activists were caught.

The first one is Leonid Lytvynenko, who was captured in Novohrad-Volynskyi, where he and his fellow men blocked the smuggling of Russian fuel to Ukraine. Viktor Medvedchuk, who is affiliated with Vladimir Putin, is involved in the scheme.

The second detainee is Anatoliy Vynohrodskyi. As reported in the police, he was detained in the case of an attack on a security guard in the Kirovohrad region. That is, Vynohrodskyi was arrested for defending peasants who were victims of raiders. The people who defended a peasant who was robbed through forged documents are being persecuted today. At the same time, no one is punished for the raider attack.

Why are these men targeted now? These are the people that are respected by the society and they begin to demand from the authorities not just words but real actions aimed at the protection of the state’s sovereignty, fight against corruption, and creation of an institutional state.

These people are persecuted today and insidiously caught in the streets and taken away in unknown directions. Then the people end up in the law enforcement agencies. While corrupt officials and criminals who have been fighting against the state remain unpunished. This is a revenge of the criminal oligarchic alliance, which wants to assert its control over our state.

The political council of the Samopomich Union party requires clear explanations from the President of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Security Service. Lawlessness must stop, and the resources of the law enforcement agencies must be used against real criminals!

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