The authorities do not want to explain to people the importance of elections in the united communities – Bereziuk

Today, October 12, the chairman of the Samopomich faction in the Verkhovna Rada, Oleh Bereziuk, and his colleague, MP Roman Semenukha, visited the Kharkiv region. They met with the residents of Zachepylivka village, as well as the villages of Natalino in Krasnohrad district and Cherkaska Lozova in Derhachiv district of the Kharkiv region.

People asked many questions and told about their needs. Problems are similar – high tariffs, low quality and accessibility of medical services. People are concerned about the arbitrariness of the authorities, the indifference of the law enforcement agencies, the abuse of local government.

According to Oleh Bereziuk, the association of territorial communities can help solve many issues, but people do not always understand this.

“People do not know that period of elections to united territorial communities is an extremely important one. These communities will dispose of much larger amounts of money than before. We have finally made it to the Magdeburg law, which we never really had. Communities’ taxes remain within communities. For example, the budget of Natalino village is about 7 million hryvnias. Thanks to the creation of a unified territorial community the village will receive approximately 15 million hryvnias. This money can be spent on kindergartens, on pensioners, ATO veterans. This is massive,” Oleh Bereziuk stresses out.

In his opinion, it is the task of the authorities to explain what exactly will change; however, the authorities do not seem to be interested in doing so.

“The authorities do not want to explain the importance of the elections to the united communities. They are only interested in appointing their people, who will later steal the money. Therefore, people are intimidated. People in the Kharkiv region are afraid. Today I was told during the trip, “By the time you make it to Kharkiv the names of those who were at the meetings with Bereziuk will be on the lists of the Security Service.” And this is happening in a state that calls itself a democratic one,” the deputy resented.

He said that in Natalino the representatives of the village council had stated that Samopomich had been supposed to ask permission from the Security Service to come to the village. However, according to the legislation, local state administrations, local self-government bodies and their officials are obliged to facilitate the organization of reports of people’s deputies and their meetings with voters.

“It’s a pity these things happen in the 21st century. In the very same village people filed a request in which they asked how much money was spent on the repair of the roof. In response they heard that that kind of information was only for official use. There is no respect for people at all,” said Oleh Bereziuk.

He called on to start treating the elections with all due responsibility, choose those who will defend the interests of people, and always control their elected representatives.


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