The authorities do not want to bring to the court the investigation of the Ilovaisk tragedy and punish those guilty, Semenchenko

The main objective of the outright lies connected with the Ilovaisk tragedy is to prevent the investigation from being taken to court, said MP from the “Samopomich” faction, Semen Semenchenko.
“The more time passes since the Ilovaisk tragedy, the more lies Ukrainians are going to see on TV and in online media. The main purpose of this false information is to confuse people and not to bring the investigation into the causes of the tragedy to court. Today, the so-called “opinion leaders”, “volunteers” and deputies referring to some pre-prepared statements of the authorities are telling outright lies about the volunteers and the “hand of Moscow” leading those who tell about the crimes in Ilovaisk,” Semenchenko said.
The MP has informed that today during an indefinite protest, which began on August 29, 2016 in front of the Prosecutor General’s Office, a representative of the Prosecutor General’s Office approached the relatives and fellows of those killed who are demanding to bring the case of the Ilovaisk tragedy to court.
“It was the first Deputy Prosecutor General, Dmytro Starozhuk, who approached the relatives of the dead soldiers and listened to all the complaints of the victims about delaying the investigation. He offered to meet in a week but did not indicate an exact date when the case will be considered in court,” said Semenchenko.
The lawmaker stresses that people do not trust the promises of the authorities and the Prosecutor General’s Office, therefore, the protest will continue and September 8, 2016 at the walls of the Prosecutor General’s Office a large gathering will be held. He urges Ukrainians to support this protest.
“We will make sure that the case goes to trial, since the investigation into the Ilovaisk tragedy has long ago been completed. Presently they are delaying the case with all sorts of examinations, and there is a feeling that this will continue for many years. At the same time there are campaigns aimed at discrediting the volunteers, while special agencies are covering up for the Chief of the General Staff, Viktor Muzhenko,” summed up Semenchenko.
We shall recall that on August 30, 2014 a special corridor was opened through which the Ukrainian military was supposed to leave the entrapment. However, while retreating hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers were killed, wounded, taken captive and gone missing.
None of the military commanders has been officially suspected in their deaths.

Semen Semenchenko
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