Viktoriya Voitsitska appealed to the government with respect to the validity of heating bills

As stated by Samopomich MP Viktoriya Voitsitska, she herself as well as the faction receive numerous complaints of Ukrainians regarding the unfair billing for centralized heat supply during the heating season 2016-2017.

“A resolution adopted by the Cabinet on November 30, 2016 determines the principles of charging for supply of heat to the households which have neither individual nor communal meters. However, citizens from across the country complain that the provisions of this document are discriminatory,” says Viktoriya Voitsitska.

Therefore, the MP addressed the Prime Minister with a request to provide calculations showing that charging for central heating on the basis of monthly average indicators of communal meters is reasonable and fair.

Viktoriya Voitsitska also requests the Government to provide an explanation why the Cabinet’s resolution №865 dated November 30, 2016, which sets this charging principle, is considered to be rightful towards rights of consumers, and to provide economic calculations of its expediency.

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