Viktoriia Voitsitska: We cannot let “green” energy become another honeypot for oligarchs

Despite the fact that “green” energy is actively developing in Europe, in Ukraine, this industry has become a platform for enriching a narrow group of businessmen, including Rinat Akhmetov and his DTEK, which has already earned +35 billion on the Rotterdam scheme. Nowadays, while producing less than 2% of energy, the “green” receive almost 9% of the money from the energy market, which makes up fifteen billion hryvnias per year.

In addition, as noted by MP Viktoriia Voitsitska from the Samopomich Union faction, the Ukrainian “green” tariffs are several times higher than the European ones. The parliamentarian says, “Our “green” tariff for the sun, for example, is several times higher than the one in wealthy Germany. “

Unless the tendency that is now laid down in the legislation is changed, the price of electricity will increase considerably. If today an average Ukrainian consumer pays 1-1.20 UAH per kilowatt of electricity, later this figure might make 4-5 hryvnias. Viktoriia Voitsitska notes, “This will become an unbearable burden for the society.”

Energy expert Andriy Herus recalls that once “green” tariffs have already influenced prices. He emphasizes, “When there was an increase in electricity tariffs for the population in 2015, one of the reasons for this growth was that we had to pay high “green” tariffs, which are fixed in euros and which, in case of hryvnia devaluation, require significantly more money to cover tariff obligations.”

Consequently, “Samopomich” requires to have the tariffs for the sun and the tariffs for the wind reduced by at least 25% as soon as this year. Secondly, it is necessary to introduce a system of “green” auctions. There is a draft law 8449d pending in the Verkhovna Rada. Its adoption is delayed by persons interested in the conservation of the current scheme. The adoption of the document with the amendments made by Samopomich representatives will allow introducing auctions, reducing the size of the tariff, and creating fair working conditions for the “green”.

Viktoriia Voitsitska concludes: “Green” energy in Ukraine should be developing, and this development should organically fit into the country’s energy system, instead of driving hard the industry and the population. “Green” energy in Ukraine should be built on the example of green energy in Europe. We cannot let it become another honeypot for oligarchs.”

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