Viktoriia Voitsitska: The new budget makes Ukrainians the slaves of the subsidies system

MP Viktoriia Voitsitska from the Samopomich parliamentary faction sharply criticized the country’s budget for the next year. She compared it with a patient in a deep coma, whom doctors refuse to bring back to life.

“With the GDP growth forecast by the government, Ukraine will reach the level of neighbouring Poland only in 24 years, and this is providing Poland’s economy will not grow at all. It is no wonder that a mass labour migration to neighbouring countries is happening in the country. The state and the government have turned their backs at people, because the government does not see the stimulation of the economy, which can result in an improvement of living standards, as its priority. The state has decided that increasing the budget of the Ministry of Internal Affairs by 16.7 billion, or 25%, is more important than providing financing for a full-scale energy saving program. At the same time, the Ministry of Internal Affairs is going to increase its budget by 60%, the Security Service is offered an additional 2 billion hryvnias. And all of this is at the expense of our money, dear Ukrainians!”

However, the MP is convinced that the key to encouraging the improvement of Ukrainians’ lives lies on the surface. In her opinion, the answer is the launch of a full-scale state program on energy efficiency. An effective program “Warm loans” has already demonstrated that for every hryvnia, which is invested by the state, there comes another hryvnia invested by people.

Voitsitska notes, “This program allows people to insulate their homes, reduce the consumption of expensive energy resources; due to this program the state immediately gets back 20% from the subinvestment in the works and materials.

Most importantly, this program gives birth to a new kind of Ukrainians who build their own home and rigidly control the expendable materials. And this makes corruption impossible – people count every hryvnia invested in their homes.”

However, while increasing expenses for security agencies, the government gives nothing additional for the budget of “Warm loans”; it is unchanged – 400 million hryvnias. Whereas subsidies are reduced to the level of 55 billion.

According to Voitsitska, today the government is telling Ukrainians that “against the backdrop of a 20-23% increase in gas prices, you will not receive the necessary support either to reduce energy consumption or in the form of social support. You will continue to be slaves to the system of subsidies.”

Samopomich demands the authorities to allocate 16.7 billion hryvnias not to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but for energy saving.

“We must give people the opportunity to use their own money independently and efficiently, and then we will see growth, instead of dying economy. Stimulation of domestic investment is possible through the establishment of a tax on withdrawn capital. Such a step will give a powerful impetus for the stimulation of a real economic growth,” says Viktoriia Voitsitska.

She also stresses that a rapid economic development through the effective use of the taxpayer’s money must become the priority for 2019. People have the right to demand support from the state, instead of strengthening of a police state.

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